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Homeschool Outdoor Skills Program in Las Vegas and Saint George

Homeschool Outdoor Skills Program in Las Vegas and Saint George

homeschool outdoor skills program to id desert cordage plants and making bracelets

Learn to make cordage from plants you identify.

2017 Homeschool Sessions

Beginning in 2017 we will be offering outdoor and primitive skills sessions for homeschool students in Las Vegas and St. George! The spring session has six classes and is open to kids ages 8-18. Class size is being held to only 10 students to ensure a quality learning experience.

Join biologist and wilderness skills expert John Yost on a journey back in time as you practice ancient skills, feel the rhythm of the land, and have fun! Children have the opportunity to have fun and gain self confidence while learning outdoor skills and connecting with nature.

The six-class series for homeschool students is designed to guide children toward a better understanding of themselves and their potential greatness using nature as the conduit.

Students will immerse themselves in artisan crafts, wild plants, fire making, nature awareness, respect for life, animal tracking, and living with the land. In the process they will discover pride in their unique accomplishments, realize the importance of attention to detail, and learn to trust themselves and others.

About Your Instructor

John is a former high school biology teacher and survival skills expert with over 30 years of experience teaching outdoor skills. He’s considered one of the top survival skills experts in the country. John lived for over 12 years in an off-grid cabin he built with hand tools. During this time, he learned to homestead and honed his outdoor survival skills . John combines his experience as a public school teacher and love for nature in a fun and unique approach to helping students grow as people and appreciate our world.

camouflage in the desert

Move silently and become invisible.

Tentative Class Offerings

Note that these might change depending on Mother Nature, student interest, and instructor judgement.

  • Nature Awareness, tracks, and animal signs
  • Bow drill, hand drill, and fire making
  • Edible and medicinal plants
  • Cordage and fiber
  • Shelter building
  • Student choice class. Options include making whistles, cattail dolls, coiled baskets, traps and snares or something the students really want to learn as we go through the session.
  • All classes are multidimensional and many skills overlap and build on each other from one class to the next.

Spring Session Homeschool Outdoor Skills Program Details

  • There is a 10 student maximum.
  • The six classes will be held every week for two hours. Times and dates are TBA
  • There is a free, seventh class for students who missed a class. (I want all the kids to have a solid understanding of nature and getting all six classes really helps). Students who want to practice more or teach other students can also attend this class.
  • Location of class meetings may vary depending on resources available for a certain class, but we will try to have one central meeting place.
  • Students ages 8-10 need a parent with them and all other parents are welcome to attend as well.
Split willow deer ornaments are fun and easy to make.

Split willow deer are one of a few things students can make.


I would expect people offer tips more than asking for refunds but just in case…

  • Once the session starts, there are no refunds.
  • Full refunds are given on any cancellation made 14 days before the first class.
  • You get half your deposit back if you cancel within 14 days of the first class.
bow drill set for fire starting

Homeschool students learn valuable and fun skills in outdoor survival like starting fires with sticks

Class Availability

  • Only 10 students will be able to enroll in this course.
  • The first 10 students to enroll and pay guarantee their spot.


  • Each session is $120 and includes all six classes plus the optional seventh class.
  • Payment of $120 for the session is due 7 days before class begins.

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