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Water in a Survival Situation

Drinking from a spring with a plant straw. I got sick a few days later and I'm pretty sure it was I didn't purify water in a survival situation.

Out checking a friend’s trap line, I used a hollow plant stalk as a straw to drink from a spring. I was sick for a week afterwards.

These are all my articles on how to get water in a wilderness survival situation. If you’ve spent any time on my site, you know that I go into detail about how to do things, and do them right.

So, I don’t have just one article on finding water in the wilderness or a single post on how to purify water in a survival situation.

I’ve got in depth articles on each topic for you and I put all the articles in one place so it will be easy to find what you’re looking for.

LifeStraw Water filter straw thumbnailThe LifeStraw, a great water purification straw. I’ve used a few straw filters, and the LifeStraw is by far my favorite straw. And it’s the easiest way I know of to get water in a survival situation.

Coming soon:
Sawyer Water Filter for water purificationMy review of the Sawyer Water Filter which has some great advantages over other carry-with-you water purification systems.

My review of the MSR SweetWater which is a great filter for long term survival or when traveling with a group.

The truth about boiling water to purify it. It’s a lot easier than you think as long as you have a container.

Where to find water. This is especially important in the desert where I live now.

Solar stills, transpiration stills and the like.

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