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Education- Wilderness Survival School

Yost Survival Skills has a few options for people who are interested in going to a wilderness survival school.

Teahcing wilderness skills to kids

Teaching at a Wilderness Skills Gathering. John loves teaching kids and parents together! It’s amazing to see the connection. 🙂

You can “rent” John for a day, a few days, a week, or a month. His day rate is only $50 for a 6 hour day for each person. Overnighters are $75/day and the cost includes the day we go in and the day we come out. These programs are the best option. You get individualized attention and you can work on, practice and master a wide range of skills. To book a personalized trip, contact John.

Yost Survival Skills offers classes on a variety of topics from edible wild plants to primitive fire making.
To see the current class offerings in Las Vegas, please go to the survival skills class page.

New in 2018 Yost Survival Skills is offering a wilderness survival school for homeschool kids. The session is 6, 2-3 hour classes (with an optional 7th class) and meets once a week. This immersion series is a fantastic journey into wilderness awareness, plant identification, crafts, making fires with sticks, and basketry. To discover more about homeschool classes, click here.

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